We provide world-class creative content and value for our clients by combining meticulous attention to detail with Madison Avenue talent at Main Street prices. We believe that each client and project presents unique goals, challenges, and (most importantly) opportunities. Our work is crafted to build brand awareness and recognition, drive revenue and conversions, and foster consumer bonds founded on trust.

Our process is driven by:

The best outcomes are the result of well-guided collaboration.

We believe in the free and productive exchange of creative ideas to achieve goals.

The right questions inspire the right answers.

Our strategic approach to branding provides our clients with 360-degree coverage across multiple marketing channels and touchpoints. Whether it be long-term branding, design, or marketing support, Dark Roast thrives by delivering rich experiences that connect and resonate in timeless perpetuity.

  • World-Class Creative & Senior-Level Attention
  • Multiple Creative Rounds and Revisions
  • Madison Avenue Talent, Main Street Pricing
  • Holistic & Strategic Branding Approach
  • Full-Service Agency with 360-degree Coverage
  • Brand Extension via Marketing and Touchpoints
  • Extension of Your Team
  • Long-Term Brand, Design, and Marketing Support


Joe Ziznewski - Founder, President & CEO of Dark Roast Media
Joe Ziznewski

Founder, CEO & Chief Strategist

Our clients aren’t defined by size or budget. They have a single mindset in common—an entrepreneurial spirit. One you can find in startups, firms, and corporations.

I think our clients see that same spirit in us. It’s what keeps them coming back—our commitment to understanding their business goals, and how they can be solved with the right creative.

When we say we’re a full service branding and design agency, we’re referring to more than our creative. We take a practical approach to brand development, creative campaigns, and all marketing touchpoints, making sure we’re solving larger business needs at every step.

We’ve assembled a team that’s not only expertly skilled in their craft, but also has a deep understanding of the business objectives of our clients. I’m truly proud to work with this team and stand behind all of our work. I know that no matter the project, we’re going to help our clients win.

Oren Kramek
Oren Kramek

EVP & Chief Creative Officer

When we first started Dark Roast, my focus was on assembling the best team possible. I was determined to find multidimensional creatives who were able to think and work outside of their titles.

From there, I needed to optimize the team and the way we work, helping us drive forward and improve every day.

Our design philosophy has always been founded on the key principles of human-centered design: a strong focus on the user at every step of the process. This helps ensure strategy and creativity have a clear target and voice in an evolving landscape of channels and mediums.

All of our creatives are strategic and all of our strategists are creative. We foster an open dialogue between the production team, creative team, and the client team, allowing everyone to understand how their work fits into the larger puzzle.

Every day I wake up excited to work with this team. I’m eager to see just how far we can go.

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