Dark Roast Media specializes in branding, marketing, web development, and graphic design services. Our work portfolio includes big and small companies throughout the spectrum of business and industry.

Ellipse Logo - White

360 Lease Up Campaign


Gamifying Search

BlackRock Logo - White

Where Social Meets Financial

Vote With Us Branded Image - White

All Votes Matter

Water's Soul Branded Logo - White

A Waterfront Masterpiece

Shake Shack Branded Logo - White

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

BillingPlatform Logo - White

Accelerating Ideas Into Revenue

RMA of New York Brand Logo - White

Helping Families Grow

Unlocking America’s Hidden Wealth

Zerify Branded Logo - White

Zerify – Security for the Modern Age

Embrace Every Moment Without Regrets

BMW Logo - White

Where Innovation Meets the Road

Great Bay Home Brand Logo - White

Modern Styles You Love. Value You Can Count On

Sourcing the Best Medical Professionals

The Art of Gifting

CLI Studios Logo - White

Dance Like Everybody’s Watching

Ascenta Logo - White

Rebranding the Power of Conversation

Estée Lauder Company Logo - White

The Consumer’s Journey

The Beach Branded Logo - White

Inspired Waterfront Living

Murray Hill Marquis Brand Logo - White

New York Starts Here

Jed's Jerky Logo - White

Not All Jerky is Created Equal

Yieldi Branded Logo - White

Lending Done the Right Way

Delivering Quality Founded on Reliability

Brand Logo - White

Bold Brand Logo Design

Sea to Table Branded Logo - White

Consumer Brand Marketing

BankerBags Logo - White

A Modern Take on Classic Style

BetterOp Logo - White

A Better Patient Experience

Avantera Logo Image

Avantera - Financing for the Future

The Cryder House Branded Logo - White

Luxury Along the Waterfront

Ash Smoke Logo - White

High on Luxury

Edyoucore Logo - White

Empowering Athletes and Entertainers for a Better Financial Tomorrow

Jason Cameron Logo - White

A Solid Foundation

Citrus - Touchless Curbside Pick-Up Logo - White

Touchless Curbside Pick-Up

BelVidra Logo - White

Your Doorway to the Perfect Kitchen

Crown Fertility Logo - White

Building A Family Together

Disabled But Not Really Logo - White

Fit, Fab & Empowered

Saint Joseph High School Branded Logo - White

Flying High for Admissions Season

Complander Logo - Stacked White

It Pays to Know

FitMetrix Logo - White

Train. Trend. Transform.

Gemini Contacts Logo - White

Beauty In the Eyes of the Beholder

Maynard Orthopedics Brand Logo - White

One Step Ahead of the Game

Lumikast Logo - White

Illuminating Environments

Luca + Danni Logo - White

Molding Magical Moments

NeoGen Logo - White

Beauty for a New Generation

Newport Brand Logo - White

Manhattan’s Best Kept Secret

Nikki Glam Brand Logo - White

Putting the Glam Back In Glamorous

NSTXL Branded Header - White

Innovative Acquisition Solutions

Office Resources Brand Logo - White

Raising the Bar for Space Renewal

Pretty Thai Brand Logo - White

Love at First Bite

Ranawat Logo - White

Generations of Quality Healthcare

Shelfmint Branded Logo - White

Refreshingly Simple Distribution

StuyTown Branded Logo - White

Being a Good Neighbor

The Cousins Branded Logo - White

Renovating the Brand

TrackStreet Branded Logo - White

Tracking the World of E‑Commerce

OurBus Brand Logo - White

Crowdsourcing the Commute

Spreading Joy

14W Logo

Sophisticated City Living

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