Office Resources – Raising the Bar for Space Renewal

Dark Roast partnered with Office Resources to design and develop an all-new website for their fast-growing company.


Office Resources provides modern office furniture solutions for corporations and individuals to meet their unique needs and office space requirements. With over 25 years of expertise, serving offices across the nation, OR has delivered stellar results that enhance performance, improve lives, and support powerful environments.


Office Resources stands apart from their competition with a breadth of choice, depth of experience, meticulous research, and customer focused execution. This record of excellence has helped propel them to the peak of their industry. It’s also led them to becoming one of the top Knoll distributors in the world. Dark Roast leveraged OR’s strong record of excellence and brand values to design and develop a digital brand that fit them as perfectly as their office spaces.


B2B & Professional Services


Office Resources


Competitor Research, Market Analysis, Concept Exploration, Brand Concept Development, Website Design, Wireframe Mockup Design, Website Development, UX/UI Redesign, Site Architecture, Brand Logo, Custom Typography & Fonts, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Illustration,, Copywriting, SEO, Brand Style Guide, QA Testing, Social Media Strategy, Digital Media, Animation

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