NSTXL – Innovative Acquisition Solutions

Dark Roast partnered with NSTXL, as well as their subdivisions “TREX” and “S2MARTS”, to redesign their website platform.


NSTXL is a revolutionary platform designed to connect the world’s most advanced technology with modern patriots who need them most. NSTXL leverages their deep knowledge of the tech industry, and expertise in government contracting, to facilitate a safe space for government and industry collaboration.


NSTXL is committed to providing government and tech industry professionals with a safe, streamlined, and simple way to meet and collaborate. Beyond the methods of traditional intermediaries, NSTXL goes above and beyond to ensure the right tools and tech get to the right soldiers. Inspired by the industries at play, our graphic designers developed their website with a sleek technological aesthetic emboldened by echoes of the patriotic.


B2B & Professional Services




Concept Exploration, Wireframe Mockup Design, UX/UI Design, Print Design, Exhibit Booth Design, Web App Design

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