Market Research & Testing

As a full-service creative, branding, and marketing agency we provide a variety of market research and consumer testing services that help you make informed decisions to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business. Our wide range of customer, brand, competitor, and research solutions eliminate doubt and guesswork to give your product or service the highest chance of success. Our market research and testing services include: branding research, business forecasting and trend analysis, competitive analysis, concept testing and ideation, customer profiling, customer satisfaction, image and advertising research, market segmentation, new product development, positioning research, pricing strategy, and employee satisfaction.

Branding Research

We offer extensive branding research services to all of our clients. This strategic approach to building your brand involves comprehensive formal data collection and empirical analysis that informs brand strategy and identity. This crucial data assists us in positioning your business for optimal market competitiveness and success.

Business Forecasting and Trend Analysis

We utilize extensive market data to provide our clients with business forecasting and trend analysis services that help them plan for scalable growth. These forecasting methods utilize past data and empirical evidence to predict potential outcomes, market trends, possible challenges, and sales trajectories.

Competitive Analysis

You can’t win the race if you don’t understand your rivals. We conduct extensive competitor analysis to gain insights into your direct competition. Our competitive analysis service includes comprehensive research concerning competitor products, sales, marketing tactics, value propositions, and more. Using this information, we can best devise an effective strategy for your brand.

Concept Testing and Ideation

No one likes to fly blind. We provide extensive concept testing and ideation services to evaluate probable consumer response to your product, service, or brand prior to hitting the mass market. This strategic data enables us to validate the efficacy of the proposed concept and adapt to foreseeable challenges.

Customer Profiling

Understanding your target consumer is key to any successful business strategy. We provide customer profiling services to better understand your desired demographics and their needs. These extensive data sets include consumer spending habits, psychographics, lifestyle traits, and other unique identifiers.

Customer Satisfaction

Knowing is half the battle when engaging in any competitive market. We conduct comprehensive, high volume surveys to understand how target consumers feel about a particular product, service, or brand. These surveys inform numerous aspects of our marketing strategy and better position businesses to fully satisfy their clientele.

Image and Advertising Research

It’s widely known that people judge with their eyes before anything else. Our image and advertising research informs brand and marketing strategies by analyzing consumer response to various products, messaging, media, and general visual advertising methods.

Market Segmentation

Our market segmentation services divide target consumers into subsets that can then be more finely analyzed. These subsets are often grouped by character and lifestyle traits that include needs, priorities, interests, location, and other behavioral criteria. This data helps us better understand how to market and appeal to your potential customers.

New Product Development

The primary goal of new product development testing is to evaluate target audiences’ response to a product prior to mass manufacture and distribution. These insights project mainstream consumer reaction to your product and inform us of any changes that should be considered ahead of product finalization and launch.

Positioning Research

We provide positioning research services to isolate primary value drivers and propositions that target consumers are most likely to positively engage with. The data collected from this analysis is particularly useful when identifying the most important factors in consumer decision-making, categorizing market segments, and assigning secondary value drivers.

Pricing Strategy

Settling on a price point for your product or service is essential to thriving in a competitive market. We perform extensive consumer, market, and competitive analysis to determine a comprehensive pricing strategy designed to maximize the potential for success and optimum profitability.

Employee Attitude and Satisfaction

Keeping your staff reasonably satisfied while in your employ is as important to your business as branding and marketing. We conduct employee attitude and satisfaction surveys to inform you of general employee moods, areas of content, points of discontent, and various other fields of interest that may affect your business.

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