Gemini Contacts – Beauty In the Eyes of the Beholder

Dark Roast created an alluring fashion forward brand, conceptual digital experience, and luxury packaging for Gemini Contacts’ two signature collections.


Inspired by beautifully diverse cultures and breathtaking styles around the world, Gemini Contacts is committed to inspiring unique looks that capture attention, spark imagination, and bring dreams to fruition.


Dark Roast partnered with Gemini Contacts to create a striking and vibrant fashion forward brand identity, conceptualize a digital experience, and design statement-making packaging for their signature colored contact lens collections, “Natural” & “Impact.” The result was an immersive brand experience that must be seen to be believed.


Beauty & Fashion


Gemini Contacts


Concept Development, Brand Design, Visual Design, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Image Retouching, Photorealistic Renderings, Wireframe Mockup Design, UX/UI, Web Development, E-Commerce Integration, Copywriting, Illustration, Email Template Design, Social Media Content Creation, Experiential Marketing

Gemini Contacts Colored Lenses - Black and White Type Logo
Gemini Contacts Brand Logo
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