BankerBags – A Modern Take on Classic Style

Dark Roast partnered with Arrow Promotional to promote their high-quality, custom banker bags and totes.


Arrow Promotional provides custom brand and promotional products for clients across the full spectrum of business and industry. When releasing their new product, custom designed totes and duffels or “BankerBags,” they entrusted Dark Roast with developing the brand visuals, website design, photography, videography, SEO, and SEM.


Specifically, “BankerBags” are high-quality, custom totes and duffels that feature a given company’s brand logo and brand colors. As a time-honored tradition, BankerBags are often distributed to high-performing teams and high-valued clients in the financial and banking worlds. We leveraged the quality, tradition, and aesthetic appeal of these top-notch canvas bags and totes to develop a brand image that exemplified style and excellence.


Consumer Products / B2B & Professional Services


Arrow Promotional


Imagery Direction & Development, Typography & Fonts, Brand Color Direction & Development, Illustration & Graphic Treatments, Wireframe Mockup & Design, Website Design, Custom Web Development, UX/UI, Content and Site Architecture, Landing Page Design and Development, Photography, Advertisement Video Production, Video Post Production & Editing, SEO, SEM

BankerBags - Branded Mobile App
BankerBags - Branded Mobile App Screen
BankerBags - Branded Mobile App Screen
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