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Dark Roast partnered with BMW to create the first ever Snapchat filters for their annual Bimmerfest. Keeping with the momentum, we raced to get Mini Cooper-lovers to the digital finish line with some exciting Snapchat filters of their own.


If you love cars, then you love BMW. As one of the largest and most recognizable luxury auto-manufacturers in the world, with millions of vehicles on the road, it’s next to impossible to hit the streets without bearing witness to their iconic brand logo. For BMW’s annual ‘Bimmerfest’, the largest BMW event in North America, the Dark Roast team was tasked with concepting, designing, and developing their first ever Snapchat filters.


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications on the market, with millions of mobile users worldwide. Along with the popularity of BMW’s Bimmerfest, we knew that the custom filters we created had the potential to be seen by countless auto-enthusiasts and end-users–serving as an invaluable promotional opportunity for Bimmerfest and the BMW brand. We set out to create exciting and energetic digital filters that would capture the audience’s attention, while embodying the quality and luxury that has made BMW an industry titan.


Consumer Products (CPG)


BMW Mini


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