Ash Smoke – High on Luxury

Dark Roast partnered with Ash Smoke to develop the brand, website, and product packaging for their premium rolling papers.


Ash Smoke provides upscale consumers with premium rolling papers cultivated from the finest raw materials in France. As a luxury brand, Ash is committed to exceptional quality delivered with excellence. They called on the Dark Roast team to help them develop a visual identity, brand image, packaging, and digital media that reflected their dedication to elegance, professionalism, and elevated experiences.


We perform at a high level but our heads aren’t stuck in the clouds. We collaborated with the Ash Smoke team to clearly define their brand goals, company vision, and values. Additionally, we drew inspiration from the high quality of their product, traditional cultivation process, and targeted market analysis. The end result was a bold, sleek, and powerful brand where “class” meets culture.


Consumer Products (CPG)


Ash Smoke


Concept Exploration, Brand Design, Brand Development, Visual Identity, Custom Logo, Website Design, Web Development, Wireframe Mockup, UX/UI, Graphic Design, Illustration, Custom Typography & Fonts, Photography, Brand Packaging, Copywriting, Style Guide Creation, Social Media Strategy

Ash Smoke Logo
Ash Smoke Logo
Ash Smoke - Web Design

Product Packaging

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