Homium – Unlocking America’s Hidden Wealth

Dark Roast partnered with Homium to develop a brand and web design that reflects their innovative investment platform.


Homium is a pioneering enterprise positioned to redefine the contours of investment by unleashing the dormant wealth harbored by American homeowners. Their unique approach to investment and leverage of home equity marries speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with a commitment to fairness, transparency, and technological innovation. They partnered with Dark Roast to bring their core values and missions to the big stage with a custom website and comprehensive brand design.


Homium envisions a future where homeowners enjoy the freedom to shape their financial destinies. They needed a trustworthy brand design that reflected their professionalism while remaining attractive to potential investors and clients. We leveraged their core goals and values to create an accessible financial brand, with stunning design that speaks to potential investors, while clearly communicating the benefits of their innovative offerings for homeowners.


Technology & SAAS / Financial Services




Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Web Design, Custom Typography & Fonts, Wireframe Mockup & Design, UX/UI, Digital Animation, Webflow Development, Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Brand Collateral & Templates, Digital Letterhead, Email Signature Template, Illustration Style, Infographics Animations, Business Card Template, Excel Spreadsheet Template, Visual Identity, Powerpoint Deck, Brand Concept Development, Logo Creation, Website Copy

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