Avantera – Financing for the Future

Dark Roast partnered with Avantera to develop a brand refresh and corporate identity that evolves with their industry ambitions.


Avantera Capital is an asset management firm with a focus in algorithmic trading methods, operating across financial markets that include: Forex, Crypto, Stock, Real Estate, and more. Their mission is to create well-balanced portfolios via automatic trading that removes human error while maximizing return rate. Avantera entrusted Dark Roast with delivering a visual rebrand that’s as thoughtful and intelligently designed as their software services.


Avantera is committed to unlocking new market opportunities that allow clients to easily create and diversify their portfolios with the power of AI wealth management technology. By utilizing the latest AI technology, Avantera makes investment trading options easier, so that clients can make higher returns. We’ve utilized Avantera’s business model and core values to develop a visual rebrand and corporate identity that communicates their industry innovation and forward-thinking approach to finance.


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Avantera Capital - Text (White on Black)
Avantera Capital - Brand Logo (Text)
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