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Dark Roast designed and developed a social campaign for financial powerhouse BlackRock


BlackRock is the world’s largest financial asset manager, providing investment and technology services to institutional and retail clients, financial professionals, and private individuals around the globe. To relay data from their flagship “Global Investor Pulse Survey,” we devised a social media campaign that translated the report’s findings in concise and conclusive segments.


When operating in the social media space, the clearest objective of any project should be effective communication that visually excites, engages, and resonates with the desired demographics. We utilized a communicative visual style and eye-catching infographics to develop social media tiles that bolstered BlackRock’s PR efforts and generated increased engagement throughout their social media channels.


Financial Services




Imagery Direction & Development, Typography & Fonts, Brand Color Direction & Development, Pattern Design, Finance Statistics Infographic, Illustration & Graphic Treatments, Exploratory Mockups, Social Media Campaign & Content Development, Corporate Presentation and Report Design

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