Our Bus – Crowdsourcing the Commute

Dark Roast partnered with OurBus on digital design and development for their innovative commuter platform.


OurBus is a regional transportation company dedicated to improving the commuter experience, by making the travel feel just as good as arriving. Founded in 2016, OurBus has developed a vast network of intercity and commuter charter bus services that connect to over 100 locations across the U.S.


OurBus approached Dark Roast to provide graphic, digital, and mobile app design that matched their revolutionary ambitions. Since their collaboration with Dark Roast Media, OurBus has gone on to achieve national attention and has been hailed as a “–new dawn for the mass mobility segment.” In addition to a vastly expanded service area, OurBus now provides daily service to commuters between suburban areas and popular city centers.


Technology & SAAS


Our Bus


Experiential Marketing, Website Design, OOH, Mobile App Design

Our Bus Brand Logo

“OurBus is one of a handful of tech companies aiming to ease commuter stress by crowdsourcing rides and then developing apps that offer the routes in demand.”


— The New York Times 
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