The Cousins – Renovating the Brand

Dark Roast partnered with HGTV stars “The Cousins” on a new logo design for their celebrity brand.


HGTV stars, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, have lit up the home improvement world with a series of hit shows like Kitchen Cousins, Cousins Undercover, and The Kitchen. As a team, the duo have a mutual love of home improvement, DIY-projects, and helping people fulfill their dream of having the perfect home. They approached Dark Roast to develop a brand logo for a planned expansion of their joint celebrity business.


We began with concept exploration and brainstormed impactful brand visuals that would speak to The Cousins image and wide ranging audience. Additionally, we designed several glyphs that paid homage to the craft of creation. The finalized brand logo captured the form and likeness of ‘The Cousins,’ to evoke the personal touch that Anthony and John give to every project.


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The Cousins


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