Pay Away – Spreading Joy

Dark Roast provided Pay Away with brand development and web design services to assist them on their mission to inspire hope and spread kindness.


Pay Away the Layaway, Inc. is a 501(c) non-profit organization that helps families in need payoff their layaway balances during the holidays. With humble beginnings as a philanthropic endeavor in Goshen, NY, Pay Away quickly grew into a local phenomenon–paying off layaway balances for primarily children’s items that include clothing, school supplies, books, and toys. When Pay Away was ready to expand nationwide, they reached out to Dark Roast Media for brand and web design services that would help their company shine.


For 10 years, Pay Away’s mission and motivation has been to inspire hope and spread kindness by helping children and families during the holidays. Their efforts have not only alleviated families of financial burden but have also ensured that countless children received school essentials and incredible gifts that put a smile on their face. Dark Roast leveraged Pay Away’s beautifully human sentiment and their inherent holiday themes to develop a brand and website that jingles all the way to your heart.


Charity & Non-Profit


Pay Away


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