Editing & Motion Design

Our expert team of motion graphics design artists provide strategy, production, design, and editing services for clients’ marketing and advertising projects. We utilize collaborative-thinking, clear communication, and fearless creativity to bring creative visions to life in unique and meaningful ways. We’re with you from concepting, scripting, and storyboarding all the way through post production to ensure clear messaging, stellar visuals, and the best overall results.

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Editing & Post Production

We offer professional editing and video post production services for motion design that meet the expectations of a modern audience. Our team of world-class experts work tirelessly to deliver effective and high-quality post production and editing services that clearly communicate your message while making a memorable impact.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Clearly communicate to your target audience with amazing visuals that resonate while engaging their imaginations. Our team of in-house professionals design motion graphics and animation that tell your story while boosting your brand.

Stop Motion Videos

Spread your message with inventive, innovative, and inspiring storytelling that feels timeless. Our team of experienced graphic designers work tirelessly to provide custom stop motion videos that capture imaginations.

Retouching & Matte Painting

Never settle for less than excellence. We offer motion design retouching and matte painting services that ensure every still is the best it can be. We leverage an expert team of graphic designers and state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality visualizations that differentiate your business.

Custom Music & Scoring

Give your motion design project an immersive boost with custom music and scoring from premier industry talent. We employ some of the finest composers, producers, bands, and musicians to create custom music and scoring that takes your motion design project to the next level.

Animated Logo

Step above the competition with a gorgeous, eye-catching animated logo that can’t be ignored. Our animated logo design services include custom concepting and design, 2D and 3D logo animation, rotating logo design, morphing logo design, hiding and revealing logo design, expanding logo design, and hand drawn animation.

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Estée Lauder Company Logo - White

The Consumer’s Journey

Citrus - Touchless Curbside Pick-Up Logo - White

Touchless Curbside Pick-Up

BillingPlatform Logo - White

Accelerating Ideas Into Revenue

Saint Joseph High School Branded Logo - White

Flying High for Admissions Season

Jed's Jerky Logo - White

Not All Jerky is Created Equal

Vote With Us Branded Image - White

All Votes Matter

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