Google – Gamifying Search

Google approached Dark Roast to design and develop an integrated game that would teach users how to conduct more effective searches.


Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in internet-related searches, data analysis, and products (…obviously). In a bid to improve the quality of user-searches, they tasked the Dark Roast team with creating a search engine-integrated game that could teach users how to perform more effective inquiries.


The Dark Roast team designed and developed a Google-integrated game that was fun, taught users how to conduct more effective searches, and drove affinity toward the Google brand. We also designed the digital framework for the aggregation and analysis of how users sought and searched for information.


Technology & SAAS




Web Development, Web Design, Game Designs, App Design & Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Custom Typography & Fonts, Animation, Motion Design, Copywriting

” Gamification at it’s best. Well-played, Google. Well-played. “


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