Edyoucore – Empowering Athletes and Entertainers for a Better Financial Tomorrow

Dark Roast teamed up with Edyoucore to develop an all-star website that offers a digital gateway to long-term financial success.


Edyoucore offers financial literacy programs for athletes and entertainers that empowers them with the financial skill needed to support their lives and ambitions beyond their career. As financial educators, Edyoucore needed a brand image and identity that resonated with their target demographic, established brand tone, and highlighted the importance of proper financial education.


While typical working adults learn the importance of managing their finances later in life, professional athletes and entertainers often reach the peak of their earnings potential throughout the duration of their careers. To attract and engage this specific target audience, Dark Roast provided Edyoucore with stunning brand visuals, clear key messaging, and easy to understand infographics that reflected their company values while delivering their message of financial literacy.


Financial Services / B2B & Professional Services




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